The World's End Market, Chelsea

Cuisine: British
Cost: £££
Overall: 4/5

Reviewed by guest writer @SyeshiaSweeney

Swank Factor: 4/5

World's End Market was previously a nineteenth century ale distillery and then a twenty-first century traditional pub, before being refurbished into the exciting new restaurant it is today. The restaurant opened in December 2014 after the success of their sister restaurant The Crystal Palace Market with head chef Bubker Belkhit.

Caterina 55, Moorgate

Cuisine: Italian
Price: £££
Overall: 3/5

Reviewed by guest writer @AYankInBlighty

Interior of Caterina 55

Swank Factor: 3/5

Caterina 55 was introduced to me as Italian fast food. Back home in St. Louis a casual/fast dining Italian restaurant called Fazoli’s which was the first place that popped into my head when told about Caterina 55.

Ceru - Flavours of the Levant

Location: Fitzrovia
Cuisine: Levantine
Price: £££
Overall: 4/5

Interior of Ceru
Swank: 4/5

Ceru is the latest addition to London’s pop-up restaurant scene, located on Rathbone Place in Fitzrovia this radiant Levantine restaurant is perfect for combating the winter blues.

Number 22 Restaurant & Bar

Location: Herne Hill
Cuisine: Spanish Tapas
Price: £££
Overall: 4.5/5

Reviewed by guest writer @ayankinblightly

Swank Factor: 3/5

I can’t say that I spend much time South of the river and I had never even heard of Herne Hill which is a little area near Brixton. But my husband is a big fan of tapas so when I received an invite to Number 22 Restaurant & Bar I asked him if he minded the trek south of the river and his response was just “Tapas tapas tapas, yes please!” So we booked a table and turned to our trusty Citymapper App for how to get to this area of London that was completely foreign to us.

Kouzu - Japanese Fine Dining

Location: Belgravia
Cuisine: Japanese
Price: £££
Overall: 5/5
Swank Factor: 5/5

Kouzu is a beautiful restaurant nestled in a beautiful period building. The palatial entrance leads into a sophisticated and atmospherically lit space with a magnificent glowing golden blossom chandelier dripping down into the restaurant. This double height glass fronted entrance to London’s newest and most anticipated Japanese restaurant and bar lives up to high expectations that have been set about this venue.

The Oval Restaurant at The Wellesley

Location: Hyde Park Corner
Cuisine: European
Cost: £££
Overall: 4/5

Review by guest writer @VeggieEatsLnd

Swank Factor:  5/5

The Oval Restaurant is a unique eatery located in an art-deco style hotel in Knightsbridge called The Wellesley. This is partly due to the fact that the restaurant seats only 28 people and feels very intimate.

Dishoom: King's Cross vs Shoreditch

Cuisine: Bombay Cafe
Cost: £££
Swank Factor: 4/5
Overall: 5/5

A few years ago if diners wanted some authentic Indian house chai coupled with Pau Bhaji reminiscent of Chowpatty Beach then there was only one place to go: Dishoom in Covent Garden.

However, after years of braving the tourists dwelling by Leicester Square Station and waiting in line for a table inside what had become a coveted dining location, Dishoom multiplied, not once but twice over opening restaurants in Shoreditch and then King’s Cross. Yet significantly Dishoom didn’t duplicate in a chain restaurant fashion, instead they grew with style and added a distinctive edge to each of their locations.

Ink, Bethnal Green

Cuisine: Scandinavian/ Contemporary

Cost: £££

Overall: 4/5

Swank Factor: 4/5

Reviewed by guest writer @ayankinblighty

A few months ago some of the ladies from work and I decided to try rock climbing and found a good deal on an introductory session at Mile End Climbing Wall. When we went we walked through Mile End Park and along a canal. Little did I know then that I’d be right back on that canal only this time adding to my waistline, not working it off! But that’s just where I found myself after an invitation to try out Ink.

The Grain Store

Location: King's Cross

Cuisine: International with a vegetarian focus

Price: £££

Overall: 4/5

Swank Levels: 4/5

Bar counter

Located in one of the most exciting quarters in London, The Grain Store certainly is an exciting restaurant.

As diners walk through The Grain Store they are met with a vast dining space seems to go on for miles. This enormous space, once a warehouse, is now composed of white-painted wood, whitewashed brick walls quirky furnishings. This makes it brightly light and lightly coloured and despite it being a cavernous space, there is an artful and creative mood to it too.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Company

Location: Leicester Square
Cuisine: American Seafood
Cost: £££
Overall: 3/5
Swank Factor:  2/5

Reviewed by guest writer @ayankinblighty

The exterior

When I was in third grade (about 8 or 9 years old for those of you not from the US) my family moved to a teeny tiny town in Virginia. We ended up only staying there for about a year so there are a handful of things that remind me of my time there: snow, Mariah Carey’s Fantasy, and Forrest Gump.